USA-HFA (American Herabun Association) is a non-profit organization.

USA-HFA aims to develop the practice of Herabun fishing style with the introduction of this method and the solution of important social tasks to attract the General population and bring Herabun to the level of other fishing communities. The Association will support the training of the Herabun method by opening a center for familiarization and practical application of this type of fishing, which in turn will contribute to the development of the younger generation and education of respect for nature and its resources, as well as maintaining the health of elderly people! USA-HFA both now and in the future will be able to become a new direction, solving important social tasks for the conservation of nature and its resources, since this type of fishing involves the principle of (catch-release) with the use of the most safe tackle for fish…

Team Members

Igor Nizhnikov
Oleg Moseichuk
Oleg Moseichuk
Директор Ассоциации

Why us?

I want to introduce the new American Herabuna fishing Association just opened and registered in America! We are new to Herabuna fishing, but our intentions are strong! We are going to open the first Herabuna fishing center in California to start promoting the new way of culture!

Thank you for all your help and support! Herabuna USA is born!

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